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DS93X™ steel bars

Martensitic damascus patterned steel for knives. Choose between a range of patterns.

DS95X™ steel bars

Austenitic damascus patterned steel for jewelry and design items. Choose between a range of patterns.

Damacore® DC18N steel bars

Martensitic patterned steel for knives. One superior core, seven different patterns.

From stock

RWL34™ steel bars and sheets

Flat bars and sheets for knives.

Flat bars and round bars

Damascus patterned steel bars and cut-offs from stock.


Band-aids, cap, T-shirts and more.


Damasteel® is the best performing stainless Damascus patterned steel in the world using the latest gas-atomized PM technology with very high cleanliness. 

We forge to order according to your specific requirements. Read more at damasteel.com