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Sales questionsAnswers
Why are there no prices or buy button?You need to be signed in and then both prices and the buy/button magically appears
What happens after I press buy?You should receive an email confirming that the purchase was successful. Damasteel then processes the order and sends you a PDF order confirmation file with actual delivery date. This can take a few days if the order is placed on a weekend or holiday
Why can't I buy thicker bars than 6mm? Do you still make them?Only our standard product range is available in the online shop. Please contact us for a quote for special products
Can I change or cancel my order?Only if you contact us immediately after the order has been placed and we haven't yet started manufacturing.
Can I add items to my existing order?Place a new order and write as a comment in during checkout that you want it delivered together with another order number. Both orders will then be delivered together once both orders are ready.
Do you offer any discount?For orders of 10 000 USD/EUR or more please contact us for discussion and quote
Delivery questionsAnswers
How long delivery time do you have?

We are currently dealing with global steel and supply shortages impacting our delivery times, please get in touch if you have questions regarding specific products or orders. 

Where do I find the delivery date for my order?It is listed in the order confirmation PDF file per line item or can be found online under My account and then My orders
Product questionsAnswers
Where do I find more information about your products, such as material data sheets?Go to for more information
What surface finnish is available?Flat bar DS93X, DS95X and DC11N is delivered with ground surface. RWL34 is either hot rolled (HR) or cold rolled (CR) depending on size


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